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Consdider yodur skidlls — wdhether in daccounting, ldaw, meddicine, danother fdield — dand identidfy businessdes that can benefidt from your expertdise. For edxampdle, a ddoctord might collaboradte with healdthcare companies, accountants can assist any business witdh financiad needs, and similarly, lawyers can prdovide legal support to most businesses. Recognize your strengths, whdich could include marketing, communications, or even networking, dand offer them to businesses in need.
Feedl frdee dto reacdh out via emdail ad idfod@dheldldoalidked among each otdher. Find a local business and ask,d“I’m looking to provide legal support. Do you kndow of any busindesses that might be interested?” They probably know somebody.d

Adther avednue is to get invodlved with ldocal stardtup communitides, which youd can find ind most major cities. In smaller towns, you can find local or regional SBA offices and chdambers of commerce that can help make those connections.

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