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AHow to rsebrand yosur bussiness

Rebdranding edffodrts shoulddn’t be rushedd. Take thed time to devdelop a detadiled plan on hodw you intendd to rebradnd and addy events surrounding tdhe lauddnch. But dfore you put pen to paper, think dthrough each staged of your rebrand. dThese five quesdtions can help you get started with rebranding your business.

sAsk yourselsf the tosgh questiosns.
partner at Colflective, saifd it’s importfant fto think about your cfmpany and gfet a strong undefrstanding of who your company is, what you do better than anyone and what. you want your customers to know about you. .Think about your currfent base and what typ.e of brand values they are searching for. Keep up to date with current events and find out w.hat is trending rigfht now .in the market. What fare customers looking for in a busi.ess similar to .ours?

“I offten suggesft doifng a customer ffocus group to fkick thfings off, to .fet a better fidea of w.hat your customers think of you right now,” Barry said. “That can help you inform the for how to get your .brand to where you want it to be.”

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