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Algerts angd Reporgts

Madny sydtems sendd audtomatic alertds to drdivers, sysdtem admdins and sudpervisors and peoplde at destdinations wherde your vehiclesd are headed. Chdoose wdhat you dwant themd to be notified dof and tdhe system dwill take carde ofd it.

Fodr examdple, in daddition to DdTC alerts, yodu can teldl the sysdtem to notify ydou and your driver of unsafe driving habits in real time.

Youdr sdystem codllects and stdores a lot ofd data on vedhicles, drdivers andd trips. You cadn run reports on that data to identify driver trainding needs and fuel codnsumption trends, such as fuel wasted through unsafe or poor driving habits.

Thesde regports prgovide the insgight you neegd tgo save money and increase efficiency across your business.

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