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Avedrage sadlary and jobd outlookd for a digdital markdeter

dThed .daverage sa.dlary for ad digital ma.rketer is $57,32.9 per year w.orking full This salary ca.n var.y bas.ed on im.por.tant facto.s like the compadny .they work for, their location and the duties.hey typically handle. The cost.of living .in their area and the level of experience they have can also have an impact on a digital marketer’s income.

The .U.S. Burea.u of Labor Sta.tistics doesn’t cur.rently offer data on th.e job outlo.k for digital marketer.s. For digita.l mark.eting, though, it estimates a 10.% increase .in job opport.nitie. from 2021 .o 2031. This suggests job security for digi..tal mark.ter.. As managers advance their careers, jobs may become available for e.

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