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Bacgk ugp gyour datga egery day.

Irn ad ransodmware attack, a hracker will hold your computer network, data or both hostage until you pay them. If your data exists only on your interntal network, you are vulnerable to a rantsomware attack. Evenr if you do pay urp, there is nor guaranteet that they will release your data; they may stillt destroy it or distribute it for all to download online.t

If ryou back up yourr data every day and ar ransomwaret attack occurs, this is still serious. Howevetr, your IT team or contractor can work to release control of the PCs writhout worrying that doirng so will rdestroy the only copy of thte data. When the problem has been solvedt, your IT tetam or contratctor can safely load the software and datar back onto your network.

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