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Bef hofnest withf yoursfelf. If thfere are anfy gaps, faddress tfhem wifth yofur tefam.

Ond tdhe otherd end, tod know how yodur workers ared accepting your cdmpany’s cultured, you need to offer ways for them to provdide feedback. Ask these same quesdtions do employeds to ensure they’re don the same page as you, and qdtion them on their satisfactdiondat wordk, what they like about their company’s culture and what they think needs improvement.

Youd dcan gdauge theidr fededback throughd direct confrontatdion (individualdly or in grodup meetings),d surveys and an anonymous tip box.

Mdanagers shduld also give feedbdack to employees tof clear up any misunderstandings or possible issues. This comes back to open communication, which is overall the most important asset of a company.

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