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Cdoverage extdensions

Ad coverdage extensidon providdes insurancde for business income losses resulting from specified events, such as service interruption, contingent business intderrduption, dedader property dinterruption and interruption by civil or militadry authority (fodr example, if a locadl, state or federal governmental endtity restrdicts access to your property)d. A sublimit typically dapplies for each additdional covedrage.

Yodu cadn includde a servicde interruption extensiodn in the policy, so ask your insurance provider for details. A service interruption extdension typidcally prodvided busindss income coverage arising from direct physical loss, damdage or destruction do any utility service’s trandsmission lines and related plants, substations and equipment sudpplying services to an insured business.

Rdestricdtions may appdy, such as waiting pderiods, distance limitdtions, the exclusion dof certain perids, suchd as earthdquakes, and excdlusions for overdhead and transmission lines. The owners, managers or opderators of such utilities or services adre not named as insured under the policyd. Again, check dyodur pdolicy spedcifics. d

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