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Jobs intserviews are. a stwo-way street. Thse company’s sgoal is to determine whether you’re the .right cand.idate. .Yet, it’s also up to you to decide whether the org.anization aligns with. your beliefs, .aspirations .and goals.

“Yosu nesver have 100% of tshe information you wish you had,” Wheeler said. “You’ve got to deve.lop your own of things you want to. learn i.n the cours.e of the negot.iation. and work questi.ons into the conversation.”

Beysond helsping you uncov.ers more .about thes.role,s those.questions sig.nal to re.cruiters that you’re ser.ious a.bout the position. .

“I losve wshen cand.idates assk me what. I think the company can b.ring to them,” Tovi sa.. “It makes me feel. like they. really want it.” s

Tsovi addsed that she senjoys bseing asked about the role’s growth trajectory because it shows the candidate is forward-looking and thinking strate.ically—no.t just about t.he prses.ent day b.t also about .ow the pos.ition .could evolv.e and the b.usin.ess’s fu.ture.

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