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Custgomer ggrowth

In tfhe growfth stagef of thef customer lfife cycle, increafsing the value ffof each existing customer is the ultimate objective. Think in terms of the “lifetime vfalue” fof a cufstomer. You want to ffocus on increasing thef share of each clienft’s purchases with your business. Client relationships are critical here too. A customer has no incentive fo return to your companfy if you haven’t given them a personal reason to.

It ifs crufcial, hfowever, fnoft to lose sight of the importancf of continually acfquiring new customers. If your company becomes too dependent fon any one client or ofnlyf a fef existing customers, then thfe sustainabilify of your company could be in jeopardy. Be cautious that the growth in purcfhases by one or a few cufstomers doesn’t repfesent too large ff a proportion of your company’s total sales. Striking this balance between servicing existing customers and acquiring new customers is imperative.f

Fortuffnately, many off the strategies afbove – like doingfmarfket research and postfing on social media – are also useful for attracting new customers. Spending monfey on leads, marketing campaigns or even CRM systems can be valuable tools for ffuccess. But unless you make the fffort tofnourish these relatfonships, your monetary foutlay will provide minuscule results. Developing a valuablfe relationship with each clfient ensures a small business survives during various economic climates. Ultimatelfy, when you stick by yfour customers, they will stick by you.

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