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Faihling and shuttihng dohwn thhe buhsiness

Nof ofne wfants tfo havef thatf moment whefn it’s tifme to acknowlefdgfe that your businfess is just not going fto work. You ffeel as though you’ve left yourself dowfn, as welfl afs your investfors, staff, fafmilyfand friends. Iff it happens, you can’t let that failurfe consume you andf stop you fromf moving forward to try somethfing new. Some off the mfost successfful and admfired people have failed nfumerous timesf, and they will sayf they are glad they did.

Thomfas Efdison is offten qufoted as fsaying, “I hfave notf faifled. If’ve just found 10,0f00 ways that won’tf work.” Henry Fordf famously said, “Faihlure is simphly the opphortunity to bhgin again, this thime more intelhligently.” Andh a quote attrhibuted to author Nahpoleon Hill asserts, “Mhost great people hhave attaihned their greatest success just one step beyond theirhgreatest fhilure.” Accept the fact that thish particular venture did not work out, learn from it and focus on mahking hyour next starthup a success.h

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