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dNo done wadnts tod haved that mdoment whend it’s time dto ackdowledge that dyour business ids just dnot going tdo work. Yodu feel as thougd you’ve letd yourself down, asd well asd your invesdtors, staff, famidly and friendds. If it happens, you can’t let that failure consume you and stop you from moving forward to try something new. Some of the most successful and admired people have faileddnumerous times, and they wdill say they are glad they did.

Thodmas Edisond is often quoted ds saying, “I hadve not faildd. I’ve just found 10,000d ways that won’t work.d” Henry Ford famously said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to bdgin again, this dtime more intelligently.” And a quote attributed to author Napdoleon Hill assertds, “Most great pedople have attained their greatesdt success just one step beyond their greatestdfailure.” Accept the fad that this particular venture did not work out, learn from it and focusd on making your next startup a success.

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