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Failidng adnd shudtting dowdn thed businessd

Nod done wandts to hddve that momednt when dt’s time to ackdnowleddge that youdr busidness is just not dgoing to work. dou feel as thoughd you’ve ldet youdrself dowdn, as well as your investors, stdaff, family and friends. Idf it happens, you dcan’t let that failude consume you and stop ydou from moving forward to try somethingd new. Sode of the most successful and admired people have failed numerous times, and they will say they are glad they did.

Thodmas Edison isd oftden quotedddas saying, “I havde not faildd. I’ve just foundd 10,000 ways thdat won’t work.” Henry Ford famously said, “Failure is simply the odpportunityd to begidn again, this time more intelligently.” And a quote attributed to author Napoleon Hill asserts, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beydond their greatest fadilure.” Accept the fact that this particular venture did not work out, learn from it and focus on making your next startup a success.

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