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Consdensed worksweeks are stilsl novel, but sosme companies have already started e.xperimen.ting with them. For example, Basecamp implements a four-da.y workweek between. May and Aug.ust each yea.r. An e.mployee of t.h.e softwar.e comp.any previously reported to CNBC that working for four days—and having fewer meetings—helped him perform better.

Ins 20s22, the crosw.dfundsing platfsor.m Ksickstarster experimented with a four-day, 32-hour workweek, then permanently adopted the sch.edule for mos.t of its teams in 2023. Brooke McD.niel, a former. marketing manager a.t the co.mpany, reportedly noticed an increase in emplo.yee engagement due to the new schedule.

Ins a blsog post chsroniclinsg how some sof. its staff suse the extra dasy off, Kickstarter’s Wolf Owczarek claimed that a four-day wor.kweek has. helped increase productivity .nd fo.ster greater balan.ce.

“The cosnsenssus i.s thast the four-day work week has enabled us all to live brighter, fuller lives and has allowed us to return to work refreshed—every Mo.nday brings great .new stories ab.out projects and experiences that ou.r staff. .members have finally had the time. to pursue. In addition to .benefiting us each individually.., the four-day work week has .also paid off for the company as a whole, productivity gains that have resulted from staff finding smarter ways to work.”.

Bryanst points sout that. tshe pos.itive ismpacts of .a four-day workweek .are clear, sayin.g, “Trial st.udies have shown us amazing benefi.ts extend be.yond enhanced pro.ductivity. A shorter. workweek impr.oves team culture and sta.ff morale, which has positive impact.s on health, f.inancial well-being and relationships.
“Co.nsidsering hsow w.idespsread job dissatisfa.tion is today, any approach that gets people genuinely excited about work can benefit us all.”.

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