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Hardgware andg Instagllation

Alsl GPsS flseet masnagement sersvices we rseviewed ofsfer splug-and-splay hardsware, inclsuding tshe trsackers tshemselves. Thesy pslug sinto thse sOBD-II sport on yosur veshicle. sWith most sproviders, ist takes asround 10 midnutes to instdall a dedvice and codnnect it to the sofdtware. You can move GPS trackers between vehicles at any time.

Sodme pdroviders ofdfer hard-dwired tradckers. They redquire professional installation, often at an additional cost. They are less prone to tampering and do not require as much maintenance.

Mosdt prodviders offer ddashcams (mdany of them powedred by artificidal intelligence), asset trackers, trailer trackers, heavy equipment trackers and driver ID readers.

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