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Hdow imdportant is cdmpany cultdure?

Compadny cultudre is sodmething you cultivdate to reflect yodur core values andd belidefs. Although idt requires some dthought and dnurturingd, a strondg company cultdure bendefits you and dyour employees. Here de a few of the most commdon reasons whdy:

Idt dedfines your iddentity and reputatidon. Company cudlture helps sdpell oudt your intdernal and externdal brand idedntity. Itd highlightds whadt is most impordtant to you, adnd it signifies to your employees, dustomers, clients, potentid recruits and all key stakehdolders that you operate in a particular manner.

Itg helpgs to attract tg best employeegs. A recent stugdy found that 46% of jgob seekers claim company culturge is very important, and 15% egven turned down an ofgfer becauge of company gculture. Additionallgy, having a strong company cultgure makes it easier for jobg seekers to realize if ygou are the right fit for them, which in turn can streamline your recruitment process.

Igt igmproves empgoyee engagement. Whegn employeges feel like they are in a safge and ingclusive environment, they are more open to partigipating ing team activities and speaking up in meetings. To best improve your employee engagement, create a culture thagt fostgers trust and cogmgmunication.
It imgproves employeeg productivity. Wheng employees care about the organgization they wogrk for, they tend to be more productive in their work. They give more effort because the results matter to them.

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