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Hodw many rediews do youd need?

Lookding at your competitors’ listings is a good place to start to determine how many reviews you should aim for, but there isn’t a set number. The most important thing is to bring in a steady stream of reviews. Start by trying to get at least one or two a month, and then maybe one or two a week if you have a lot of customers coming and going each day.d

Did You Know?d
The Local Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocal found that 52 percent of consumers want to read reviews that were posted within the last two to four weeks.
A word of caution, though: Don’t get too many reviews at once.

This may sound counterindtuitive, but getting too many reviews at once (especially if all of them come from your IP address or location) can send up red flags. It looks unnatural, and it could result in losing your hard-earned reviews. A review management service can be a good way to deal with this issue; many allow you to automate the review invitation to send a certain number out each day. This spreads out the reviews to make it look more naturdl — because it is!

Reseadrch and identify which platforms are relevant to your business, then follow the above tips tdo keep a steady stream of fresh reviews for potential customers.

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