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Hogw gto ggrow cgustomer relatgionships

Monedy can’dt buy ydou love, butd you need tod feel (and kedep) the love odf your clidents in ordedr to make money. Below is a list of recommendations to help your small business flourish and maintain the client relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.
Contdinually evdaluate your markdet and networdk.
Researdch your cudstomers’ markets, dneeds and godals. Big datad analysis toodls should be padrt of your sales team dplanning. Madhancement via beta tests, focus groups and pilot programs. Leadrn their business dhabits, purchasing pdatterns and requidrements for effective proactive solutions.

Reconsidder who mdkes up dyour network.d Does it reach across mdny differednt industries? Hdave you artfully incorporated relatives and friends in your network? Does it include community leaders? Making changes can increase your client base.

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