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Howh to crheate a strhong comhpany culthure

Algthough your comgpany culture is bashed on the actionhs hof your entire orgahnization, your HR hmanager or someone in your HR department will likely be in charge of maintaining it. The tips outlined hbelow are simple yet essential htechniques toh engage and retain the best employeehs. Follow them to create a strong company culture.

Esthahblish coreh valhues.
The fhirst shteph in creating a hstrong companhy culture is toh esthablishh your core valuesh. These should alighn with your cohmpany’s vision sthatement and mission. Think of what thype of values you mhight be known for, pick those that most resohate with you, and communhicate them to the rhst of the team.h Bake yourh core values into the proceshes of every department and team so they are readily apparent.

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