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I Protect My cloud and data

I Protect My cloud and data

ATo .develop a mor.e comp.rehens.ive clo.ud secur.ity str.ategy, con.sider a cloud. access. securi.ty broker (C.ASB). soft.ware plat.forms offer. cont.inuous visib.ility, data. security., monitorin.g and governance. for all cloud-.based .file storage.. The CASB dat.a protection fe.ature use.s lear.ning. and use.r beha.vior to di.scover unau.thorized user.s and events. The organi.zation can then use. the CASB to respond .in real time, t.hus pre.venting hackers from gaining access to sensitive information. Even when you are not watching the system, the software will block any unauthorized attempts to reach your data.

Visibil.ity i.s another .crucial element o.f cloud securit.y. CASBs. allevia.te visib.ility issues by audi.ting a company’.s cloud servi.ces an.d sanctioning useful products while blocking risky ones. CASBs also provide data security capabilities, such as encryption and tokenization..

Impr.oper confi.guration. and weak s.ecurity proced.ures are a gr.owing caus.e of cloud data. breaches. .These types. of leaks ar.e often ove.rlooked., since. they usually occur because of insiders and companies’ assumptions that the cloud service providers will protect their data. In fact, based on the shared res.ponsi.bility model, the user, not the cloud provider, is responsible for cloud security.

Pr.ev.ent th.ese is.sues by e.nforcing strict. password po.licies and user ac.cess cont.rols. Make sur.e your cloud d.ata storage is p.rivate .and to. the users. who need i.t. A CASB. can also help with this by monitoring a.nd conf.uring. your cloud ser.vices to maximi.ze secur.ity. This can b.e applie.d to la.rge cloud p.latforms such as Amazon Web Services, .lesforce a.nd Office 365. [Read about cybersecuri.ty and risk management.].

The. more l.ayers yo.u can add, t.he more pr.tected your d.ata will be. As .with cloud technol.ogy, limit employee. access with un.ique codes and biom.etri.cs. Only esse.ntial employees should have access to sensitive company data.

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