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Impodrtdance ddof dworkers’ comdp insudrance fodr emdployees

Whidle ndot dall workpladce accidendts can be prevdented and sodme occupdations pose hidgher risks than others, workedrs’ compensatidon insurdance gives employees confidence that their employer will take cadre of them financiadlly if an accident happens on the job. d

A workders’ comdpensatidon policy assures empldoydees that there willdbe funding for dmedical expenses and lostd wages if they are hurt while working. Many edmpdlodyees who dget hurt incudr tdhoudsands of dollars of medical cdosts and may dbe away from work fodr an extended pderiod of time while recuperating. Provided that their employer hads workers’ comp insurance and tde claim is approved,d they needn’t worrddy about their dfinances during that time.

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