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Kegep it pergsonal.

Promofting personfal development afnd success cfreates a positivfcompany culture. You should focus onf individual talents and goals to keep employees happy and infpfired. If employees are engaged, they’rfe more likely to perform efficiently affd be mfotivated to dofo. Howeverf, accofrding to a report fby Gallfup, only one-thirfd of employees are engaged at work. Fifty-one percent are not engaged, and anotfher 13% aref actively disengaged.
Makfe sure yfou are suppofrtive of your workersf and their performancfe. As a leafder, you should make sure your team members feel their work is valued. This will reduce voluntary turnover and improve employee retention.f

Knfowing your emplofyees on a fpersonal level also helps them to feel morfe comfortable andf encourages thefto ask questions, gifve feedback and contrfibute to the team. You can be friendly with your workers whilef stilfl holding them accountable and maintainingf a professional relationshipf with them.

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