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“Lead generation”process Step-1

“Lea.d genera.tion”is’the pr.ocess of f.inding poten.tial cu.stomers for yo.ur b.usi.ness and them th.ey becom.e cust.omers. L.ead gen.eration, or gen, spe.cif.ically on indivi.duals with a int.ent to purc.hase.

To ge.nerate qua.lity leads, m.arket.ers need to fr.ame their to appeal to ideal cust.omers. to the qual.ified pro.spects on the ri.ght c.annels ca.n bo.ost bra.nd visi.bility an.d your tar.get aud.iences.

==> An.alyze a.nd
Def.ining y.our is the f.irst st.ep to lea.ds. the outc.omes you want to ach.ieve and t.he K.PIs you’ll use to me.asure p.rogress. For e.xample, you work bac.kwards from quotas to determine how many leads are needed per month and set your budget accordingly. who will be.resp.onsible for tasks. Lead ge.neration invol.ves w.riting, res.arch, and analysis, so you may assign a few roles, such as:

V.P of to al.ign sale.s and efforts team memb.ers to rese.arch compet.itors, str.tegies, and audie.nces
Anal.ytics team mem.bers to pull and deli.ver accur.ate sales data
You’ll als.o need to cre.ate an custo.mer pro.file (ICP). ICPs as a map for lea.ds t.he demog.raphic, fi.rmogr.aphic, and techn.ogra.phic cha.racte.ristics of your best cus.tomers, like the industry they oper.ate in, busi.ness matu.ity, and the tools th.ey use for their eve.ryday work.

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