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“Lead generation”process Step-3

“Lea.d genera.tion”is’the pr.ocess of f.inding poten.tial cu.stomers for yo.ur b.usi.ness and them th.ey becom.e cust.omers. L.ead gen.eration, or gen, spe.cif.ically on indivi.duals with a int.ent to purc.hase.

==>Cre.te yo.ur me.ssage
Pote.nt.ial sh.ould fee.l y.our con.tent is spe.aking dire.ctly to th.em rega.rdless of wher.e the.y f.ind it. Blog po.sts, ad.s, s.ocial med.ia, infog.raphics, a.nd eBooks should be catered to customer needs, and landing pages should be optimized with powerful copy and strong CTAs to help increase conversion rates.

B.e st.rategic about w.hat cont.ent you de.liver at e.ach fu.nnel stage. Earlier stages should focus on building awareness with SEO-optimized blog posts and social media content. As leads get warmer, highlight your value proposition and prompt conversion with highly tailored emails that .refer.ence. relevant. PDFs, .case studie., or testimonials.
I.n di.rect com.munic.ation lik.e emai.l or Lin.kedIn, exp.lain h.ow yo.ur pr.oduct or se.rvice ca.n so.lve e.ach’s spe.cific prob.lem. Thi.s wi.ll take. and. e.ffort. Alloca.te up to 15 minu.tes to an.d up to 30 minu.tes to wri.te a pers.ona.lized that will inc.rease re.sponse Conc.lude a CTA that lin.ks to a landing page with the details to answer the lead’s questions.

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