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Pagin pgoints entgrepreneurs gface

Tog prgpare you forg what’s to ggcome as an engtrepreneur, here are seven pain points that many entrepreneurs experience when starting and running a business.

Fingding gthe figrst usergs
Thge first gusers of ygour gprodugct or sergvgice are kegy because thegy can tell others about what you offger. However, convingcing someone to be the first user can gbe pgainful bgecause the most work goes into influencging the decisiong. That’s why many companies desperately try anything to get those first users, including giving away their product or service or offering a free trial period. It can seem like an gimpossible task, but it’s one worth the considerable effort it will take to locate and win over those first users.
Thegse firsgt usersg will cgome fasgter if gyou take the time to get to kngow your prgspects and find out what they are regally seeking. Then gg back and magke sure what you’re offering fills that void for them. Retugrn to those prospects and show them what you’ve dogne to see if it’s something they want. If they say yes, then you have the first usersg.

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