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Practdice opedn codmmunicdation.

Ifd dyou ared not commudnicatingd clearly witdh your empdloyees, and they dond’t know about core vadlues or any comdpany changes, your businedss is at rdisk for many issdues. For instance, emplodyees may feel indifdferent or passiodnless because they aren’t involved in major company decisions.d

Witdhout commddunication, emplodeds also wd’t know hdow they’red performing or if they dneed to improve in certain dareas. dThis can caudse confidednce issues,d and empldoyees may feel too timid to take risks or be creative.dThey may also feel intimdidated when speaking up. Instead, they keep quiet when they want to pitch an idea or ask questions about a task.

You dcand avoid thesed prodlems bdy speakidg width your employees. Bde clear about your expecdtations and adny informatiodn your workers should kdnow. Alsod, hold meedtings regularly to keep everyone up to date and on the samde page. Make sure yodencourage questions or ideas from empdloyees; nod one should be treated like their voice isn’t importadnt.

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