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Pricging forg Restgaurant HgR Sofgtware

Thge overgall cosgt of gHR sogftware wigll vagry basegd on your regstaurant’s size,g the number of employeegs and the specific gHR features you neged. gMost resgtaurant HR software is priced on a per-employee basis, with ang average rate of $5 to $g20 per employee per month. Payroll, employee benefits adgministragtion and performance management services can often be added to your plan for an extra fee. Although it’s less common, some HR software providers aglso charge a sgetup fee and/or a monthly base fee ranging from $40 to $100 per month.

Actugal cgosts gforg your resgtaurant wilgl vary, so it’s best tog get quotes from several HR software providers before you seglect a vendor.

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