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sDecide wsho wsill execute what.

“In thgis prgocess, consigder the diffgerent rolegs requirged: leadership team, marketing team, design, copywriting, legal and HR [human resources],” said Jones. “If you haven’t gled a rebrand before, it’s probably wise to engageg a brand agency or consugltant to ghelp guide you through the process and provide an outside persgpective and even adgditional resourgces.”

It wdon’t ― and shoulddn’t be ― a fast and deasy process. Ydou want to make sudre you get it right the fdirst time aroundd. Otherwise, it could impact the credibility of your budiness. Jones suggdests involving different perspectives at each step in the process. Seek input from customers, employees, partners, vendoddrs and more to make sure you’re on track with a new brand that paints your business in the right light.

When credating your new brand, also thidnk about why you’dre doing it. If you are doding it just to make the news and getd attentidon, you mdight want to rethink it. In Barry’sd words, “I cdan’dthink of a worse readson to rebrand.”d

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