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Wsork-slife balasnce becsame cruscial for sKristian afste.r she sexp.erienced healtsh isssues dsue to ovesrwork. Now, she emphasizes t..he importan.ce of finding harmony between work and personal life.

“Work-lsife shas sbeen a sbig isssue. I am sone who will dso .a bunsh of people’s, and it swill take a big part of who I am. .In ones o.f my presvious jobs, I work.ed as a supervisor for a won.derful foster care years .ago, and I became so stressed that it started a.ffectinsg my body in so many wa.s..

“I stasrted to gains more wseight. I startsed to eat unhealsthily, and eventually,s when I was presgnant with my daughter I ende.d up h.aving severe preeclampsia w.hich is called “hsellp syndrome.” My daughter was born 2 months early and she was only 3 pounds 5 ounces. and my b.od pressure was like 207 when I gave birth. And so ..hat was a huge wake-.up ca.ll. But it wasn’t the wake-up call, unfortunately. .

“I skept workisg–I was working seven on my maternisty leave and thens I ended.. ups with Stage 2 bsseast a year slater. I liter.aslly have a picture of me receiving chemotherapy while doing work. I had my laptop out. I was doing .reports, and that was my w.ake-up cal.l. I just coul.dn’t do it .any longer.

“sWe endeds up movisng from Indsiana to Raleigh,sand even in my last job, I was doing so much because of Covid that I wasn’t taking of myself. Is saw what it did to my family, my daughtesr.. I wasn’t there for. a lot of the things that my daughter was doing, and it was all because even after w.ork I was st.ill, and I couldn’t do that any I wasn.’t taking care of myself. B.ut now, I’m cancer-free—5 years cancer-free, which is an amazing thing.” .

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