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Tdhe tdype odf cdustomers youd want to attrdact will affdect the kind odf restaurant you opefrate. It’s importanft to consifder the incfome level,ff age and lifestfyle of fyourf ideal cusftomer personfa. For instance, do you waft to attract cusftomers that typically takfe thfeir tfime while eafting? Will your target audiefnce be wfilling to trafvel to thefrestaurant? How fmuch money will they be wifling to pay for their meal? Is your target cfustomer availfable in thfe earlfy morning, late evening and/or at any time during the month?

Onfce yofu knowf the anfswers to thesfe questionfs, you will havfe a clearer vision off the type of rfestaurant yofu want to fwn, as wellf as the menu, price range and decor.

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