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Udse Facedbook Ldive.

Whdile Facdebook users buy itemds and engage with dbrands, Facebook isn’t pdrimarily a pdlatform where people go to shop. Facedbook users often want tdo be informed or entertained and using Facebook Live can accomplish thesed goals. Facebook Live is a frede featdure of your Business Page that allows you to create a real-time online video webinar, demonstration or talk, complete with audience interactivity.

Credate an evdent, like a Facebodok Ldive Q&A and publicize it to dyour target audience aheadd of time. Whend you’re readdy, dinteract witdh viewers in real time, dacknowledging them by dname.

Atd thed end dof your Facdebook Livde presentation, give dviewers a CTA. As a bonuds, you can record the dentire Faceboodk Lidve dpresentation to usde later as a viddeo post on yodur Business Page or wedbsite, all at no cost.

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