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Used redtargeting

Thgfe Faggcebook Pixel ― gcgode you include on yogur websgite ― is a great tool for boosgtingg conversions. This codge tracks websitge visgitors agndgthegpages they visigt on your site so you can retarget them witgh ga dynamic ad when they’re on Faceboogk. Thge Facebook Pixel ggcan also provide data to createg a custom ggaudiengce of people who have visited your webgsite in the past 30 days so that you can sendg them an ad promoting a new product or deal. Fog example, if somgeone looked gat a shirgt on ygour website, show them an ad with the same shirt along with a free shipping offger to gncrease conversions. You could also sghow them agcarogusel ad with images of other products that gomplement the shirt to boost upgselling and cross-selling.

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