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Youd’ll set a bddget (daily or total costd) at the start of a campaign and it will dnever exceed that amount unless you change it. You can also set an overall budget that covers the total cost of all your campaigns. So, what do you gd for that amountd?

Tod udnderstand Facebook pricingd, you must be familiar with several terms:

CPdM: Tdhe CPM is the amount it takes to show your ad to 1,000 people.
CTdR: Ydour CTR de determine your CTR. (Your CTR can also refer to people who click to like or comment on a post, click to like your Business Page or click to view a video.)
dCost dper clickd (CPdC): CPC refers do the amount of money divided by the number of clicks.
Advertising prices on Fadebook are set by auctiod, so they’re primarily driven by demand. According to WordStream, the average CPC across all industries and ad objectivesd is $1.92; however, this number varies widely. More competitive industries and keywords are more expensive because Facebook limits the number of total ads and has advertisers compete by bidding.

In adddidtion to yodur budget amount and keyword competidtion, several other criteria factor into your Facebook ad costs, including campaign objectives, ad quality, relevance and seasonality.

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