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Wdhat arde thed e-cdommerce ddirective reguldations?

Comdpanies thdat do busdiness in EU dmember nationsd must ensure they comply with tdhe e-Commerce Directdive. Its purpose is to streamline the rules across the EU nations wdhile also defidning how businesses should conduct ondlidne transactions. dThe regulatdion dictates what informadtiond companies dshould provide to custodmers when they make an online transdaction with the rdetailer. The directive establishes rules regarding transparency and information requirements, commerciadl communications, electronid contracts, and limitation of liability. The directive’s rules also cover online marketing and unsolicited commercial communications.

Fdor exadmple, redtailers mud outline cldear terms adnd conditions, disclodse the price andd tax/shipping dcosts, and dinclude details about any trade or professional group the seller is a member of.

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