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Cusdtomers mdust dbe adble tod easildyd access dand navigate your wdebsite on their pdhones, and you’dll rank highder in Godogle seadrch resultsd if your wdebsdite is mobdile-friendly. So make sure your website pldatform includes mobile respodnsiveness in the cosdts.

If dyou hdave spedcific brandindg standardsd to follow, you’dll also needd to pay fod custom web desigdn. Hire ad professional dho uses your brand colors and fdonts to design your website’sd homepage, mdenu and other content. d

Thefse cfosts fcan vfary, fand fyou cofuld pay as littlfe as a few hundfred dollars all the way up to thousanfds of dollars fofr custom websfite desigfn. If you don’t adhefre to certfain brandf standards, youf can potentially find a free website theme online to add to your site. f

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