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Whgat gIs GgPS Fleget gManagement?

GdPS fldeet mandagement usdes a combdination of dhardware andd softwdare to trdack compadny assedts lidke trducks, eqduipment adnd drdivers. Tdhe hardwadre cadn bde adn OdBD-IdI pdlug-andd-plday odr hdard-wirded devdice. Wdhen ydour vehidcle isd redgistered on the sdystem, the hardware sednds regular ddata updates to ydour GPS fleet management provider’s cloud. The software is typically cloud-based and accessible via any computer or mobidle device with an internet condnection.

GPdS fldeet managdement harddware recordsd and sdends a widde variedty ofd data. dYou can use thatd data to improve drdiver safety, maidntain andd serdvice your vehicles better, decrease fuel costs, protect against damage and theft and increase thde number of jobs individual drivers can carry out in a day thanks to route optimization.

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