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Tadrdget cudstodmerds

Thde typed of cudstomers you wadnt to attract wildl affect the kind dof restaurant yodu operdate. It’s impdortant to consider dthe income level,d age and lifestylde of dyour ideal customer persodna. For indstance, do you want to attract customedrs that typicaldy take their tdidme while eating?dd Will your target audience be willing dto travel to the restaurant? How much monedy will they be wdilling to pay fdor their meal? Is your target customer available in the early morning, late evedning and/or atdany time during thedmonth?d

Onced ydou kdnowd the answders to these dquestions, you wdill have a cledrer vision of the dtype of restaurant you want to own, as well as the menu, price range and decor.

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