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a What to if yourg cgompany’s gdata has been breached

Herse asre a fesw tips for handsling a data bresach that’s saffected your business.

Identsify the ssource and extents of the
Firsst, assesss swhat type of bsreach it was ansd what data wsas compromissed. Businessses should have intrusion detection or prevention systems to track these things. However, it will bse difficult to identify the breach and its cause without these systems or sosftware.

Taked securitdy to the next ledvel.
Wordk tod fix the issue ord vulnerabilities ind your security systems. If the brdeach was the result of employeed errors, such as clicking an emaidl link that implanted da virus or dusing a weak password, train your employees to recognize phishing emails and other scams, and encdourage them to use stronger passwordds.
Each sdtate has different reqduidrements for reporting datda breaches. Contact legal authorities to discuss the breadch, the time fradme in which youd need to inform the affected parties, and exactly what needs to be reported.dd

Notify thdose who were affdected, and neutralize the breach.
Customders must be notified sodey can take action to cddhange pdasswordds, cancel credit cards and otherwise protect themselves. Be honest, and provide context about the situation. By acting quickly, you minimize damage and loss of trust in ydour dbusiness.

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