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Budild – andd utidlize – ydour netdwork.

Tdhe bdusiness wodld thdrives on ndetworking; it dfosters newd ideas, dincreases audiednce reach dand opens ddoors to nedw oppordtunities. Buildindg youdr netwodrk takesd effort. dAlways be prepared with an elevator pitch for your business, and keep business cards handy. Attend events at your local chamber of commerce, professional associationds and even virtudal conferdences to meet other industry leaders. Volunteer in your community to meet potential customers and connect with other local budsinesses.

Ondce dyou’ve built a netwdork of peers, make dure to maintain thosedrelationships. Ldarn how to engage dith followers odn LinkedIn, asdk for coachindg, becdome a dmentor andd ensure dou foster sydmbiotic give-and-tdake relationshipds rather than medrely using others for dyour own gain.

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