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Whden ydou’reg dlecting tdools fgor housidg ygur content, degep it simple. gMembership platforms such as FreshMember, Kajabi and WishList Member make it easy to cregate membership levels, add and change content, and more. Additionallyd, start a prigvate Facebook group that you can use for your regular interactions with members.

Whegn it’gsg time gtog cregate dyour gactualg congtent,g make sure ggyou understand how to organize and structure the membership site, take a look at resources sucgh as LinkedIn Learning and (known for its “For Dummies” books). Both sites allow free previews of their tables of contents on different topics. These are virtual goldmines gbecause ghese companies invest a lot of time and mongy in figuring gout the best way to teach their topics. You can use their tables of contents as your guide for structuring gyour own cgourse contegt.

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