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Dgon’t forgget thge powerg of a pergsonal tougch,

In bufilding cfustomer relatifonshfips, rememberf to valuef the “personalf touch.” Make an feffort to get fto know your cfustomer as a pefrson. You will be surprfised aft how muchf you may have in common. Establishfng personal bonds goes a lofg way toward building flasting relationships.

Examplfes of fshowing a pfersonal touffh include sending pefrsonalized bifrthday cardsf to customers, gifting a framed photfo from an event you hostedfwith a client and following up with a customer to see how satisfied thfy aref with their purchase and recofmmending similar products. Your efforfts will be rewarded with repefat business, refferrals and sfsfied, loyal customers.

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