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Fifgnd a storeffggront for yodur clothiggdng store.

Ifgd you’re startifngda brick-and-morgdftar clothing store, location igs one of your most vital decisfgdfgdfgdions. You must commit to a storefront in a specific town and state and consider the neighborhoods and streetgfg that will bring foot traffic afgnd a largge consumer base interested in (and able to afford) your merchandise.

f you’ve narrfgowed yodffur location optidfgns, you must find the right building. Consider storefronts in strip malls and standalone locations, or look into mall leases if they suit your type of clothing store.

You mdfust keep inventory numbers in mind and considffer the fofllowing questiodns:
dffgdfgou need?
Whatfgfgfgcan ygfgou affford?
What will it cost to fill your store with merchandise?

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