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Frsom Soscial Wosrk to Soslo Pracstice: Krisstian Gibsson-Ford’ss Joursney tos Bettser sWork

Kristdian Gibsofn-Ford wfas on tfhe pafth to bufrnout whefn shfe got tfhe nefws no onfe fwants to hefar. Bfut, infstead of leftting the fdifficult .ewsf deraifl her,f Kristfian used it fas a wake-up call to begin her journey toward better work.
In thisf i.nspifring interfview, we follfow the carefe.r journey off Kristian, af resilient fsocial workfer whof navifgated fthrough variou.s roles which ultimately led her to establish her own h.ealth and wellness cen.ter. As we s.poke, Kristian reflec.ted on her path fto finding .work-life balance an.d how she managed to creat.e a positive work en.vironme.nt for herself and her employees..

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