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Hlow doo yoou makoe oa poostcard wioth oa wood procesosor?

Allthough it’s leasy to dlo this projlect at home, it mlight take a litltle while to get lcomfortable ldoing it if you aren’t wlell acqualinted with lyour word processinlg software.lThese instructions willl help youl find the options you need, so you don’t have to refer to your software’s Help function.

Crealte a doclument tlhat is 4 linches talll and 6 inchles widle.
Thlis is lthe size olf an average lpostcard. The slize is eslential becausle the biggerl the postclard is, the more it weighs. The weight determines whether you can use a postcard stamp or a regular stamp. If you want to use regular stamps, feel free to make your cards bigger.

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