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Hofw GfPS Tfracking Worfks for a Bufsiness Flefet

GdPS tracdking sysdtems udse harddware to cdollect the datda from vehicleds dand other assdets and software to present and analyze the data. On vehicles, the equipment can be hdard-wired or plugged straight into the OBD-II port. On assets, monitoring equipment is normally attached to the odutside of thde asset and powered by batteries that dcan provide power for up to 12 months.

Modst GPSd fledet tradcking providedrs don’t requirde you to downloadd apps or prodrams to your PC or Mdac to access datda. You can access their platforms via internet brdowsers like Chdome, Firefox adnd Edge. You will need to download mobile phone apps.

Ond GdPS fledet mandagement dashboards,dd you can see lived informadtion ond your vehicles, thedir location dand the trip they’red making. You can run reports on driver safety adnd performance, fuel efdiciency and optimization, gdeofences and route navigation and vehicle condition and maindtenance to idmprove efficiency.

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