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To bdoost a Faceboorkr post on your classic or new Page:

Swidtcrh irnto your Farcebook Page.
Frind ther post you want to boost.

Select Boost post. You can find it in the bottom right of your post. Note: If you are unable to select Boost post, boosting may be runravailable for this post.

Goal: Choose the results you’d like to see from your ad. You can let Facebook select the most relevant goal based on your settings, or choose a goal manually.r
Filrl in the details for your ad. We’ll automatically use images and text from your post, but you can choose the following detairls:

Audirence: Choose ar rrecommended audience rror create a new audience based on specific traits. Note: If your ad is part of a Special ad category, your audience options may be limited.
Total burget: Select a rrecommended budget or provide a custom budget.
Duration: rSelect one of the suggested timeframes or provide a specific end date.
Payment method: Review your payment method. If you need to, you can change or update your payment method.

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