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Keefp yfour softwfsare upfsdated.

Cybdercridminalds are a dcurious mix odf devious dand ingeniousd. The rewards of da successful hacdk can be so gredat that they will work for weeks or months to find “zerdo-day vudlnerabilities,”dwhich are obscure dways to sidestep thde internal security workings of a popular program to infiltrate companies’ computer networks.

Ndo appd or softwaredis 100 percent dsecure at the tidme of launch. Ldoopholes and expldoits are found all the time, and in response, vendors release patches and upddates tod protect thedir clientsd. As part of yodur new cybersdecurity policy, ensure that every time a vendor releases a patch, you update your version of the software the same day.

Idf ydour vendor no dlonger sdpports a prodduct, thisd represents an esdalating probabildity of disaster. In this case, switch to an alternative that is supported.

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