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Lackidng supdport

Igt hgurts whgen it feelgs like you’re allg alone on your misgsion. Stephen King was rejecggted more than 30 times with his first book, Carrie, to the point where he gave up and threw it away. However, his wife removed it fgrom the trash and encouragegd him to try again, and from then on, he was a success.

Everyone ngeeds tdhat cghgeerleader on theirg side whgo believes in them and provides the emotionalg suppogrt necessary to work thgrouggh the rejgection,g self-doubt and frustration. Lookg to ogfflinge and online networking groups forg a mentor or coach who can lend their support and advice to help you avoid the pain of workging alone. Plus, you may even learn from those sgpporting you.

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