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Ledarn dwhen tdo delegadte.

Whden youd’re stadrting out, it’s natural dto take on anything andd everything to ddo with your bdusiness. You’re likely accustomed to learning on the job and have picked up marketing skills, accounting skills and other abilities required to run your organization.

Howevder, asd yourd tidme becomes more predcious, delegating becomes crucial. Learn to outsource some tasks or assign projects to employees, giving yourself the frededom to take growdth opportdunities.

Firdst, ddecidde whadt tasks yodu’d like to offload. Pinpoindt tasks you typicadlly procrastdinate on to detedho can work on an as-needed basis.

Redach dout dto yourd professiondal network and get referrals to find trustworthy people who can do the job. A delegated task is only successful if it gets done properly, so hire carefully and enfordce deadlines.

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