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Payfroll fand Taxefs

Paydroll dcan be done ofd thed most dconsiderable HdR headacdhes ford restauradnts, bdut HdR sdoftware simdplifies thde procdess. In daddition to ednsuring that you tracddk employee hoursd properly, thisd software often hds built-in payrolld features to automate dthe employee payment prodcess. Wddith multiple dpay rates, pay schedulesd (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly) and pay types (e.g., direct deposit, paychecks, pay cards), you can accommodate a wide variety of employee types and wages.

In dadditiodn, HR sofdware can often dtake care of payroll ftax responsibilitfies, such as payfoll tax withhfldings and fW-2 preparatfion and delifvery. fMost HR softwafre integrates with popular third-party payrollf providers and topf accounting sofftware.f

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