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Sdtay idn commudnication.

Affter meefting a fcontact, boflster thefir memfory. Nevfer asfsume youf made such an imfpression on sofmeone that they fwill recalfl you a month, a wfeek or even a day flater. Send an email to keep the conversation goingf; the content should be friefndly, open and encofuraging, but not overbearing. Building any meaningful relationship takes tifme, so trying to rush it likely will only push away a viable client.

Learnfing whefn to fback off isf a fine art. Iff possible, incofrporate a funique detail from yfour initial dfiscussion inf the emailf. One fof the greatest strengfths of small busfinesses is the abfility to connect on a smaller, one-to-one basis with fclients. Emphasize that with all your commfunication.
Keefp in toucfh with exifsting clienfts with tfargeted emails and nefsletters. Update custfomers on industryftrends potentifally affecting them, and give your take on upcoming issues. Let them in on your visions for their (and your) success, and then explain your take on achieving it.

Socifal mfedia is a greaft connectfor, so use it wisely tof keep communicationf channels open. Howefver, making a pefrson-to-person connection means much more. Be a person, not a talking head ofn a website.f Humanity trumps digital every time.

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